My name is Yari Francesco Fontana, I am currently a Senior Design consultant for Jaguar Land Rover based in the UK. This is a new start-up called Plustik 0-1-100,000, that states a new challenge to overcome. ZERO means Concept, the idea is published after a possible patent. ONE means Prototype, there are objects provided that take into account feasibility and are next ready for production. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND represents the production of a project that superseded the previous two phases and then goes into production until it reaches the 100,000 units.

During the first two phases, you could help me to identify and choose which project is the best. In short, a new production industry concept, where the popularity rating of the potential customers Can determine the what type of product should be produced.

You can also learn more on to the "YARIPLUS" site, by clicking on the "BRIDGE" and know more of my story.

The purpose of PLUSTIK is to investigate and create new products utilising new plastification technologies.

The aim of PLUSTIK is to propose new uses of plastic through revolutionary sculptural forms, Plastic can be manipulated, transformed and reborn.

Hundred thousand
A limited production of 100000 successfull examples

Nature triumphs over challenges through the eternal evolution of trial and error, in the endeavour to thrive. Our mission is to unveil and understand it's secrets.


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